Rail or rails may refer to:

Rail transport

  • A generic term for railroads, railways, rail transport, and related matters
  • Track (rail transport), or railway lines, the running surface of a railway
  • Rail profile, the cross sectional shape of a railway rail
  • Third rail (or conductor rail), a method of providing electric power to a railway train
  • Science, technology, biology, and medicine

  • Picatinny rail, a bracket used on some firearms in order to provide a standardized mounting platform for telescopic sights and other accessories
  • Rails or Rallidae, a family of birds which includes crakes, coots, and gallinules
  • Structural
    • Guard rail, for protective separation of persons (including those in vehicles) from dangerous places or situations
    • Hand rail, for physical support, such as on stairways and steps
    • Theatre rail, see batten (theater), from which lighting fixtures, theatrical scenery, tabs or curtains may be hung
    • Curtain rail, see curtain, from which curtains are hung
    • Door rails, see frame and panel, a horizontal outside member on a door or in a frame and panel construction
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    Bus Rapid Transit has inside track in East-West Corridor

    Miami Today 21 Oct 2020
    BRT beat Metrorail and commuter rail, the two other “build” options for the corridor, in travel time, cost, environmental impact and time to build, according to the most recent report by the Miami-Dade Department of Transportation and Public Works and consultant WSP....

    Shammi Kapoor Birth Anniversary: When the actor forgot his dialogues while shooting with Madhubala

    India TV 21 Oct 2020
    Late actor Shammi Kapoor is known as the Indian Elvis Presley ... While Shammi Kapoor was a charming actor, do you know he forgot his line when he was working with the beauty Madhubala for the film Rail Ka Dabba? Kapoor had met Madhubala for the first time when they came together for film Rail Ka Dabba and he was left mesmerised by her beauty ... .......

    Private equity takes market for a ride

    The Times/The Sunday Times 21 Oct 2020
    But there’s no faulting Clare Gilmartin’s timing ... Who cares if the business has come off the rails? As she puts it. “The time has come for ......

    Inspectors pinpoint likely cause of Metro cars unexpectedly separating

    Wtop 21 Oct 2020
    Independent safety regulators have pinpointed the likely failure that caused two Metrorail cars to unexpectedly detach two weeks ago near Union Station ... 9. There weren’t any reported injuries ... The lack of damage to certain parts of the rail car suggests that the clamping bolt likely worked itself loose over time,” said Dr ... Source ....


    Bowling Green Daily News 21 Oct 2020
    CAMPAIGN-TRUMP-FATIGUE.LA — In the final throes of an increasingly daunting reelection campaign, President Donald Trump is revving up his rally schedule and whipping his supporters into a frenzy with the type of nonstop outrage that helped make him the most polarizing political figure of his time ... ^Early voting is at all-time high so far<....

    Newlyweds pose on level crossing in reckless ‘railway selfie’ craze

    Metro UK 20 Oct 2020
    Network Rail) ... The shocking image was shared by Network Rail after trespassing incidents shot up during lockdown amid what’s being called a craze for ‘railway selfies.’ ... ‘Every time someone strays onto the rail network they are not only putting themselves at risk of serious, life-threatening injury, but also delaying essential journeys....

    Traxtion commits to R1.5bn rail investment as part of SA’s Economic Recovery Plan

    Independent online (SA) 20 Oct 2020
    CAPE TOWN – Traxtion Group, the provider of rail services and solutions across the African continent, on Monday announced its intention to embark on a significant investment programme within South Africa’s rail sector ... Holley, who has for some time advocated the advantages of open access to the core network for private rail operators said....

    Legislature: Stop sidetracking passenger rail in Minnesota

    MinnPost 20 Oct 2020
    It’s high time for the Minnesota Legislature to move state passenger rail funding off of the sidetracks and onto the mainline. In a time of intensifying climate crisis, with transportation the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Minnesota, funding passenger rail may help reduce emissions and vehicle miles traveled....

    Shocking image shows newly-wed couple pose on railway for wedding shots

    ITV 20 Oct 2020
    A bride and groom who used railway tracks in North Yorkshire for a backdrop for their wedding photographs have been condemned by Network Rail ... Commenting on the trespassing incidents, Allan Spence of Network Rail said.....

    Joe Biden’s love of Amtrak tells us how he would govern

    Gulf News 20 Oct 2020
    Amtrak, according to New York Times reporter Joseph Albright, was part of a “gigantic experiment in special interest socialism” that allowed the government to intervene in the rail industry to save it, then pull out whenever it chose ... as compared with the time railroad passenger ......

    £1K to invest? Here’s a stock you should seriously consider

    The Motley Fool 20 Oct 2020
    It operates bus and rail services across the UK, Ireland, and Singapore and operates rail contracts in Germany and Norway ... Government lockdowns across this and many other countries have impacted customer numbers on bus, rail, and air travel services ... I envisage rail and bus travel to continue to rise over time and normalise somewhat....

    Bride in white dress pictured with groom trespassing on railway line for express wedding

    AOL 20 Oct 2020
    The shocking image was released by Network Rail to raise public awareness about a craze sweeping the country since lockdown was eased ... Allan Spence, of Network Rail, said ... "Every time someone strays onto the rail network they are not only putting themselves at risk of serious, life-threatening injury, but also delaying essential journeys....

    Hit by pandemic, Amtrak is making cuts that may endure

    Finger Lakes Times 20 Oct 2020
    The nation's only passenger rail system ... "They are of the opinion that they can temporarily cut back to three times a week and start accepting reservations again in February for the summer, and it'll be bad but it'll be OK," said Jim Mathews, CEO of the Rail Passengers Association....

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